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business and private individuals

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L2B Management provides a wide range of legal services both in the B2B sector and for private individuals. Qualified lawyers of L2B Management have the knowledge and professional experience necessary to successfully solve your problems. The international partner network allows to solve the issues of clients quickly and efficiently worldwide.

Legal Support

Professional legal services in Latvia and other countries of the European Union – services for businesses and private individuals.

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Individual approach, confidentiality, professional solution of any task are the three whales the success of our judicial office lies on. We strive to be the best for those who trust us!

Filipp Sviridenko — Member of the Board of L2B Management


For more than 15 years, employees of our company specialise in protection and representation of the clients' interests in various kinds of transactions and other legal relations, including in courts and state bodies.


Only the proven solutions and individual attention: from legal advice and drafting of legal documents to the judicial representation of the customer's interests.


L2B Management combines a broad theoretical base with an extensive practical experience, which allows providing legal services at the highest level.


All L2B Management employees are result-oriented. Our work approach involves prompt feedback and timely solution of the most complex legal tasks.


We focus on the industry specifics of each individual project. Thanks to our approach, we have accumulated a unique experience in legal support of transactions in various business fields and private capital servicing.


The priority areas of L2B Management: tax law and tax disputes, administrative and legal protection of business, commercial law, corporate law, banking and finance law, real estate and construction, labour and immigration law, family and inheritance law, trademarks and protection of intellectual property rights, professional translation of legal documents.

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