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How to get a refund from PNB Banka?

What happened to PNB Banka?

On the 15th of August 2019, FKTK (Finance and Capital Market Commission) suspended the work of PNB Banka. Bank accounts are blocked, Internet banking and cards do not work and clients cannot get their money back. L2B Management lawyers will help you sort out the situation.


Is there money left in your PNB Banka account?

Funds up to 100,000 euros fall under the protection of the Deposit Guarantee Fund (Noguldījumu garantiju fonds). According to FKTK, such clients are the majority – 99.2%. The Latvian state guarantees the payment of this amount at the expense of the fund. Payments will be made using another bank.

If the amount exceeds 100,000 euros, then the guaranteed amount will be paid, and the rest can be claimed by you as a bank creditor in the process of winding-up or insolvency.

The limit of 100,000 euros is the total amount on all client accounts (including salary or savings accounts).


When will the payment of funds begin?

According to the law, payments will begin no later than on the 8th working day after the suspension of the bank's activities. Information on how, where and when guaranteed deposits will be paid will be available in the newspaper Latvijas Vēstnesis, as well as on the website


Qualified legal aid

Lawyers at L2B Management will help you open an account with another lending institution, arrange receipt of guaranteed funds, file creditor requests and carry out other actions necessary to return the assets.

We will also help non-resident clients to structure the opening of new accounts and the return of funds in a legally correct way in accordance with the tax and currency regulations of the countries of residence of clients (natural persons and beneficiaries of companies).

We also remind you that the winding-up of ABLV bank continues. L2B Management provides full support in the recovery of the bank clients' assets.

More detailed information can be obtained by registering for a consultation by e-mail: or by phone: +371 67373020, 371 67373021.


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