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How to register a company in Latvia?

The jurisdiction of Latvia is attractive to foreign investors and startups. Latvia has a well-developed financial services system, and the amounts of tax payments are lower than in most EU countries. The relatively simple process of establishing a business is also the reason.

This issue is especially relevant for investors who want to conduct their business activities in European jurisdiction. Another plus is that Latvian residents understand Russian and English perfectly.

The main advantages of registering a company in Latvia:

Company registration process in Latvia

To register a company in Latvia, you need to apply to the Register of Enterprises of Latvia (RE), but it is worth remembering that this institution accepts documents only in Latvian.

Typically, the RE reviews the documents and makes decisions on registration within three working days. If you need to register urgently, you should turn to the expedited procedure service, which takes place in one day, but for this you need to pay a fee for expedited registration. 

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